“To prevent senseless loss of life 
caused by acts of violence”

CHALLENGE THE MEDIA to stop the gratuitous use of the name and likeness of violent individuals, limiting notoriety and infamy, a potential motivating factor in mass shootings, violent and copycat crimes.   

The goal is to take away a potential piece of a complex puzzle of motivating factors that individuals may seek to commit mass shootings and violent crimes. Please read the entire ALEX TEVES CHALLENGE before passing judgement.

A Challenge to the media:

The media organization will:

 Refuse to promote the identity of an alleged assailant by withholding their name and likeness from all forms of public communication.

 Acknowledge that the prospect of infamy could serve as a partial motivating factor for disturbed individuals to cause the death of innocent victims.

 Concur that individual names and likenesses are irrelevant to media coverage of such acts, where an emphasis should be placed on specific details of the act, alleged assailant’s background, and possible motivations.

 Raise public awareness of the root cause for such acts, as to increase the likelihood of their future prevention.

 Agree that in cases where an alleged assailant is still at large, their name and likeness should be published to aid in the capture and incarceration of this individual. Once incarcerated, the assailant’s name and likeness will be withheld from future communications.

 Recognize that The Alex Teves Challenge is an initial step in the process of eliminating random acts of mass violence. As such, we agree to promote data and analysis from experts in mental health, public safety, and other relevant professions, where this will support further steps in the elimination of this type of criminal behavior.